Diet Plan For Instant Muscle Building

Zoran’s Muscle Building Diet

Fitness expert Zoran finds this diet very effective as it provides his body with the essential macro-nutrients and protein his body needs for continuous muscle growth and size. When aiming to increase muscle size, Zoran aims to have around 1.5 grams of protein and the main sources come from Chicken, Eggs, Tuna, Whey Protein, Salmon, Cottage Cheese and Avocado. He likes to split his meals into 6-7 smaller meals to help increase his metabolism as well as continousley gettting the nutrients required for maximum growth.

Zoran’s Muscle Building Diet

Meal 1: 5 Whole Eggs and 90G Oats

Meal 2: One serving of Whey Protein (49g of protein per serving)

Meal 3: A can of tuna in spring water with a cup of white rice

Meal 4: 200g Salmon Fillet (Skinless) with one avocado

Meal 5: One serving of  Whey Protein

Meal 6: 200g skinless chicken breast

Meal 7: 100g of cottage cheese.

Fitness Expert Zoran

Zoran tends to cut his carbs in the evenings to avoid unwanted fat storage and just sticks to lean protein sources to continue fuelling his muscles with growth.

On the days he trains Zoran would have a serving of pre-workout right before training and a serving of Whey Protein, BCAA and Glutamine directly after. This will deliver the spike his muscles need to help with recovery.

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