Active Women Pre-Workout | What Are The Benefits?

Why Pre-Workout Improves Women’s Gym Time

We all know how important it is to replenish our bodies after we’ve been working out. But have you been replenishing your body pre-workout too? If not, you could be missing a chance to maximise your workouts and accelerate towards your fitness goals.

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Fast Fuel


As we know, you can’t workout with an empty engine. However, dieters can often find it difficult to add fuel needed for a full workout. When carbo-loading isn’t an option, the Active Women Pre-Workout gives your muscles the fuel they need – fast. This will help if you are wanting to burn fat and tone up simultaneously.

Vitamin C Hit


Included in the Active Women Pre Workout is 40mg of vitamin C. This is an easy way of getting a hit of a fantastic vitamin that provides a whole host of benefits. Importantly for working out, vitamin C combats fatigue. Very useful for pushing yourself to burn those extra calories.

Vitamin C is also a great immunity booster. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting on a roll with your fitness regime and then having to hit the brakes because of a cold.

Boost Your Lean Muscle


Active Women Pre-Workout gives your body a boost of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, taking them before (or during) a workout can reduce tiredness, allowing you to blast through your final reps and steps.

Secondly, BCAAs before a workout discourages the body from breaking down as much protein during exercise. This is important because it then allows the body to build more muscle. So you’ll get maximum toning from your workouts! This is particularly significant for anyone on a low-calorie diet, as your body will be less prone to building muscle.


Balance Out


Our Pre-Workout contains coconut water powder, which is a great source of potassium. This is key to helping your body regulate your fluid levels. It has also been shown to increase muscle strength, so you can maximise your reps when you’re lifting.

Energise Naturally


Caffeine is very useful for improving your exercise performance. Studies show that having a caffeine boost before hitting the gym can lead you to improved aerobic capacity. It can also help you excel while you’re lifting.

A lot of pre-workout brands do contain high amounts of caffeine. This can be seriously off-putting for people that hit the gym in the evenings. The Active Women pre-workout shake, however, has just 75mg of caffeine in. This is about the same as in a cup of coffee. So you know you’ll still get a good workout, without losing sleep!

Not only that, but our caffeine is from natural sources. We use Green Tea and Guarana to give you that healthy kick!



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