Best 5 Ways in Which Yoga Can Improve You on More Muscles

Yoga is a group of mental, physical and spiritual practices. It is an ancient Indian practice that can aid in muscle building efforts. Some people may consider yoga a waste of time. But the bitter truth is that when your body goes through any repetitive movement (for example weightlifting) can eventually create some muscular imbalance and lead to injury. So including yoga in your routine may be a boon to your body as it has enormous health benefits from cognitive well-being, joint support to respiratory and cardiovascular functioning. Here are five ways yoga can help you in more muscles building.

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  • Increases Flexibility and Reduces Injury Risk 

    The human body can become as flexible as he wants but for this, he needs to do Yoga. Yoga is a good option to make your body more flexible than before. As we all knows that human body have some constraint over our flexibilities and whenever one perform an exercise beyond a certain degree of flexibility without much practice can lead to injury. Therefore, Yoga is made to enhance the flexibility of someone’s body and reduces the risk of some injuries.

  • You can Lift More and Heavy


    Image result for yoga bodybuildingThere are several ‘Haasan’s’ in Yoga that can open up your hip flexors and some other stiff links to your body that can maximize your lifts. You can life more than before and heavy stuff than previous records.

  • Increases Blood Flow in Body

    Several people globally work in offices where they sit for long hours and then feel that the blood circulation is not properly working. Yoga has a relaxation exercise that boosts blood circulation, especially around your legs and hands. An enhanced blood flow helps your muscles in getting a proper nutrient supply for repair and growth. Yoga also helps you get more oxygen into the cells of the body so that it can function well.

  • Better Sleep Quality

    A very popular quote in the bodybuilding community is “Eat like a Kind, trains like a beast and sleep like a baby”. Sleep is a luxury thing in this hectic life schedule. Sleep actually helps in building muscle. Yoga positions like ‘Restorative asana’, ‘Savasana’ and ‘Pranayama helps in developing an inward sense that gives interlude for the human body nervous system. And you can enjoy a deeper sleep that makes you feel energetic.

  • High-Intensity Workouts 

    Getting a good performance at high-intensity workout is because of lower resting heart rate. So decrement in the resting heart rate is important and it is done by power yoga and ashtanga yoga.

Through Yoga, you can learn to control your body and mind. It also helps to build a strong, lean body and more functional physique.

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