Bodybuilder arrested for SUN BATHING!

Man taken away for being in Speedos

Here is a bizarre story! Body-building enthusiast Gerald Muir who is 51 was arrested on Sunday for sunbathing in public! Gerald was seen in his Speedos sitting in a deck chair in the middle of the very busy Brick Lane, London. As the police arrived, he enquired whether it was illegal to sunbathe. Some passers-by thought Gerald was a street performer and others thought he was a work of art.

As it turns out and according to the police, he was drunk and has been charged with being drunk and disorderly in public. The moral of the story being that no matter how proud you are of your body, it is probably not a great idea to put on your speedos and show it off on a deck chair in the middle of Brick lane – drunk or sober!


Bodybuilder arrested

Bodybuilder arrested in Brick Lane

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