5 great erection foods

Foods that give you longer & harder erections


Did you know that your erections, their frequency, duration and strength can be directly linked to what you eat?

Below are 5 natural foods that if you consume more of, can help you with your erections.

Olive oil

Top of the list is olive oil, full of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and great for your whole body. Olive oil is fantastic for arteries and really gives “power” to your erections. Add 3-4 spoonfuls to a salad at night and make sure you consume all of it. Watch what happens down below in the morning. You can consume olive oil several times a day for powerful erections.

Red Meat

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Red meat is packed full of male power. Those who regularly consume red meat are stronger males and have better erections. This is not to say that vegans or vegetarians don’t; they need to consume a variety of other foods to balance things out.


Walnuts are great nitric oxide providers and open up your arteries and help with powerful long-lasting erections. Eat them throughout the day or add them to your salads or meals.


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Watermelon is full of L-Citrulline, a natural vasodilator and powerful nitric oxide activator such as the ones found in Vasculator. Watermelon is a powerful fruit for increasing the power and frequency of your erections.


Avocados look a bit like your scrotum! The Aztecs believed avocados to be a magical food. Due to them containing a whole host of fatty acids and vitamins, especially vitamin E, Avocados are a wonder-food when it comes to improving your erections.

Include any or all of the above in your daily diet and you will see a huge (no pun intended!) difference in your erections.

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