Belly Fat Burning Diet Plan


A flat belly is perhaps the dream of every person. Who likes the belly fat? Neither men like it nor woman. Belly fat not only decreases your beauty but also increases some health issues with the time. The fat in your belly is called visceral fat as it builds up in the spaces between internal organs such as stomach and intestines. This visceral fat makes toxins that affect your body work.

A normal belly size of a woman in an average is 35 inches and for a man, it is a waist measurement of 40 inches and the more inches could spell trouble. To burn the belly fat, you should do some physical activities such as walking, bikingor a 7-minute workout. Remember your fitness depends 80 percent on what you eat and 20% on your exercise. The best way to reduce belly fat is to follow low-calorie, low carbs with high protein diet and regular exercise. In this post, I have mentioned a belly fat burning diet.

  • Chuck C.R.A.P out of your body

    C.R.A.P. is a group of food, that includes caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed food. These four foods aren’t good for your body and by removing it from your meal list, you can get a flat belly since these four foods are the biggest enemies of a flat stomach.

  • Fish oil Supplements

    Fish oil is really a bliss food for several people. It is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for all people. You can get fish oil supplements if you can’t find the sardines or salmons.

  • Almonds

    It slims your stomach by keeping it full, eating about 24 almonds a day will satisfy your hunger for longer.

  • Protein Powder

    It contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle. Adding two teaspoons to a smoothie will create a fat-busting and tastier drink.

  • Olive oil

    It contains monounsaturated fats which are good to keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings.

  • Berries

    They have a lot of fiber, just one cup of raspberries has six grams. It helps you feel full and more satisfied. Fiber is amazing for digestion system. Organic fiber prevents constipation and help you get the flat stomach quickly.

  • Eggs

    Our body needs vitamin b12 to metabolize fat, it is highly recommended to eat eggs for breakfast, it gives you a lot of energy and it’s an excellent source of protein.

  • Milk

    The Main source of calcium, calcium helps break down fat and also prevents it from forming.

  • Oatmeal

    Boosts energy, reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels, builds muscle, help burn fat and regulates digestion.

  • Apple

    They are packed with nutrients and are a rich source of vitamin C, they also have a lot of dietary fiber that helps our digestion system.

  • Tomato

    A large tomato contains only around 33 calories, adding a tomato to a meal will make you feel full. It also has a lot of health benefits for your whole body.

  • Yogurt

    Bacteria present in yogurt plays a crucial role in the digestion of food. Imbalance in digestion system can lead to a puffed belly that is why you should start eating yogurt in order to improve intestinal mobility.

  • Water

    Drink more fluids for better health. Water is good for burning the belly fat, you should take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Nuts

    Nuts are a great source of mood-boosting magnesium and according to a research adequate magnesium in the body, helps your brain to regulate melatonin so that you can sleep properly. Magnesium rich food is also weight loss friendly.

  • Avoid the gum

    If you have a craving of chewing gum, you should avoid this habit because it doesn’t benefit to the body at all. Try munching on dry fruits such as nuts, almonds that can benefit your body and provide you sufficient nutrients.

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