Why Chocolate Milk is The Best Drink after Workout?


Your body requires nutritional replenishing by consuming a good diet after a great workout. Your muscles utilize lots of nutrients and minerals in energy production when exercising. If these tissues become nutritionally deprived, your performance can be significantly altered when working out later. Since exercise utilizes energy producing compounds, you should ensure that your post-workout meal is rich in carbohydrates to refill your energy stores. Nevertheless, the amount of carbohydrate to consume should be adequate to promote substantial release of insulin to normal levels to avoid glycogen storage which can lead to weight gain.\


Why Chocolate Milk?

Although most people prefer protein shakes after exercise, a new study has found that Chocolate milk could be the best think to take after workout. According to researchers, the beverage contains all the nutrients required by your body for replenishing following an exercise. The protein content in chocolate milk helps in the recovery of your muscles while the calories replace those that have been used when exercising.

According to the scientists, any low fat brand chocolate milk offers ‘gold standard for a recovery beverage.’

Protein Shakes vs. Chocolate Milk

Protein Shakes vs. Chocolate Milk
The new findings have raised concerns about the popularity of protein shakes, which were previously used by bodybuilder but are now being taken by ordinary people to build strength. In reference to Cornel University study, chocolate milk could be even more beneficial than protein shakes, bars, drinks or other supplements.

The Study

Researchers at Cornel University were looking out for the best post-exercise beverage after realizing that athletes overeating at night to compensate for their intense training workouts. The research was conducted with the help of computer software to design a formula in identifying the best product combined with nutritional expert advice in the athletic department. When the researchers tried adding Omega 3 into the beverage, they noticed there was too much fat content in the drink. They also tried adding sugar but found out that it could contribute to stomach issues.

Final Settlement

According to Clint Wattenberg, the coordinator of sports nutrition, they settled on an eight-ounce bottle of chocolate milk after conducting numerous experiments. In each bottle of chocolate milk, they put 16 grams of protein plus 230 calories. This is unlike in regular bottle of milk which usually contains 160 calories and 8 grams of protein. According to Wattenberg, 20 grams of protein is adequate for optimal muscle recovery for an average athlete. However, if you are a heavy-weight athlete with greater muscle mass, you might need around 30-35 grams of protein from other sources such as chocolate bars or regular foods.

NHS Recommendations

The NHS recommends that a man should consume an average of 50 grams of protein in a day. However, most adults get a larger share from regular meals. The main reasons the increased intake of protein has not raised serious concerns among health professionals is that the body doesn’t store protein but the excess is excreted.

Chocolate Milk Now Available

The post-workout chocolate milk beverage is currently being manufactured by the Cornel on-site dairy. It is selling under the brand Big Red Refuel and you can obtain it on the University campus.

When to Refuel

Identifying the right post-workout drink is just one step to help in the recovery process. Timing is crucial and studies have shown that post-exercise meal should be taken 30-60 minutes of working out when the muscle glycogen stores are almost depleted. According to Mike Huff, coordinator of the Duke University Sports Performance Program, you should eat or drink something 20 minutes after a workout. He says that at this point the muscle fibers are depleted and ready to suck something up. Huff also notes that failure to take something right away can hurt your next performance big time.

Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Benefits of Chocolate Milk
  • It is more effective than other post-workout drinks, supplements or meals.
  • It is ideal for high-endurance athletes.
  • It is rich in carbohydrate and protein content for replenishing tired muscles.
  • It has high-water content to replace fluids lost as sweat and prevent dehydration.
  • It packs a nutritional bonus of calcium, sodium and sugar additives which promote recovery and energy regain.
  • It helps to sustain performance levels


It is very important to take something shortly after you are through with exercise. This helps to replenish your muscle tissues with nutrients and energy for optimal functioning. Your post-workout meal or drink should be rich in carbohydrates for energy production and protein for tissue repair. The invention of chocolate milk is another major breakthrough in replenishing your body after a strenuous exercise. Although more researches need to be conducted, it’s a common knowledge that lack of replenishing after workout can negatively impact your next performance. It’s worth noting that content of a post-workout meal or drink depends on a number of factors including intensity of your training and body weight.

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