REVEALED: When gym can become an obsession

How you can lose friends working out!

Musician and singer Craig David was overweight when younger and ripped when in his late 20s/ early 30s.. What does he prefer? He says now he prefers a balance. Working out with weights, cardio and eating healthy.

At one stage, Craig let gym totally take over his life to the point that he would not go out or see friends but would spend all his spare time in the gym. The results of his gym sessions were amazing. He was ripped with a six-pack and had phenomenal vascularity.

What worked for him at the time, seems to be far from his ideal at this stage of his life and career. And this is the point with the gym and working out. Your expectations and your shape will change from time to time and you need to adjust and tweak accordingly.

Craig looks back at his time when he was phenomenally ripped and thinks his face was too gaunt and that he looked older than his age. Many people would disagree and say he looked phenomenal. How you look to “yourself” is very often totally different than how you look to others and this view changes with time.

The best advice is to follow a healthy, balanced regime. If you find that you have no time for social activities and that you are losing friends, it may be time for an adjustment! If you also find that you are not achieving your goals in the gym, then you may want to up it a bit.

As for musician Craig David, he seems to have found a balance and has recently released a brilliant new single “One More Time”.

Craig David body

Craig David body

Craig David bodybuilding

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