Skinny Guy Used Science To Transform Into A Bodybuilder


There are no shortage of body transformation stories floating around internet sites and social media. And while many can be inspirational, they can also be filled with platitudes that may ring hollow after a while, even if they ARE good advice. “Don’t give up!” “Change the way you eat.” “Don’t let other people get in your way.”

The truth is, even for the people that offer those trite (and true) statements, a lot of science goes into their transformations. In fact, their transformations, at their core, are nothing but different scientific disciplines, acting in concert to change your body.

And if you’re curious to see just how much they can change your body, it’s hard to find a better example than this guy, Martyn Ford.

This is where Martyn started. Not exactly a total waif, but a pretty skinny, lanky guy.


Somehow, beyond any and all expectations, Martyn Ford became this:



He now goes by the name “Nightmare,” but don’t let it fool you; he’s still thought to be a pretty sweet, caring guy. Just one covered in muscles, tattoos, and very little hair.

So the story could end there, but it doesn’t. Rather than gloat about his transformation, or marvel at his own discipline, Martyn has set out to actually set out to educate people about his process. You might not be seeking to transform into Martyn’s new physique, but he’s accumulated some pretty serious knowledge about many aspects of weightlifting, cardio exercise, discipline, nutrition, supplements, and anatomy.

And they’re broken into posts on his Instagram account, which is pretty convenient. Take a look:

How muscles grow! As a beginner I believe it's vital to understand the basics of the human anatomy and how it works. Building muscles can be a frustrating game at times, so if you have an understanding of how the process works and realistic time frames for success then you are more likely to stick with fitness and achieve your goals. Muscles contract and work in the body when they receive a signal. Motor neurons send this signal and tell your muscles to contract, the better the signal the stronger the contraction. Strength comes from the ability of the muscles to react to the signal, so muscle size is not always a true observation of strength. When you first start lifting weights you won't grow that much in muscle size in comparison to your strength increase. This is purely down to your repetition of the movement and your body learning how to trigger the muscles correctly to stimulate movement. Motor unit skills are been learned here. After this phase, you will then start to see gains in muscle size. Once you have trained your muscles then start to repair. The damaged muscle fibres are then repair or replaced in a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibres together to form new protein strands. These increase in thickness and size to Create muscle growth. This adaptation happens not while you train but while you rest. So be sure to train hard and eat well for maximum gains. Co district and longevity are how you build a good physique. No supplement or magic protein powder is going to do that. Hard work, correct planning and consistent dedication. #education #muscle #beginner

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Power of vegetables! Ok you might not like them, want them or even value them! Well it's time to change that opinion if your serious about results! For those that believe protein alone builds muscle your very much mistaken. Vegetables contain many vitals vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin A. The vitamins and minerals are essential for muscle contraction, red blood cell production, control inflammation and much more. Unfortunately to all you about to say "it's ok, I take a vitamin supplement" well bad news, thats not good enough! It's vital that you get the majority of your vitamins and minerals from a mixture of vegetables, by consuming your vitamins and minerals through food there's a much higher absorption rate than that of tablets. I would definitely recommend the following vegetables you try to consume every day : 1) broccoli 2) spinach 3) asparagus. #vegetables #food #advice #nutrition

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Overtraining and achieving your goals! Ok so this may be a conflicting area here, however fact is overtraining is real, no matter how many pre training drinks, energy tablets or stimulants you take, if your body is exhausted your wasting your time! The only time I would say this doesn't apply is the later stages of a strict diet for a show , there is a point where you must over train to bring down all your fat. But this isn't long term progressive training, that is purely short term goals. If your anything like me, where fitness of some kind is your life, your driven for success and will do anything to get there. I guarantee you often overtrain, and maybe like me have hit burn out before. Burnout is horrible! You literally can't function, not just in the gym, in everyday life! The older I have become, the wiser. Learn from your mistakes. More isn't always better, in simple terms look at this scenario. I have a nail positioned on top of some wood, I got that nail 100 with a sponge mallet, it doesn't go in, I then use a proper hammer, the nail goes in fully with 1 strike. You see by using the correct method you get success, it does matter how many times you try to achieve your target of your doing it wrong, you will never get there! Remember in order to gain success in the gym the workout is only part of the calculation. Nutrition, rest, progressive training, supplementation and sleep patterns all have to be planned for also! Train smarter not harder to achieve your goals #martynford #tips #planning

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Cardio? Should I , shouldn't I? Very quick answer for all training , YES!!!!! Now if you want to read on, I will explain why. First and foremost the obvious, your health! And for some reason this still isn't a good enough reason? Bizarre but true! Now to sell this to all you muscle hungry monsters! Lol Why do cardio for gains? I'm not saying to do intervals, intense fart Lek or fasted state cardio! This is simply, steady state cardio, slow and steady, nice comfortable speed. You won't be breaking any world records, but this isn't the objective! By doing moderately intensive cardio, the bloody flow will be increased in those areas been used. This has HUGE affects on recovery and recovery speed! This is due to fresh nutrients been delivered to the relevant areas and the waste products (toxins) been taken away. Just remember that the body will only deliver the fresh toxins to the areas the blood is been pumped to! This of your muscles as tyres on a car! If you pump up your back tyre, don't expect your front one to inflate at the same time! So make the cardio relevant to the areas worked! Bike ideal for legs, tower, swimming, arm based cardio machine or crosstrainer with arm motion great for upper body. If your bulking I would stick to 15-20 min post session, and be sure to take your drink on board straight away! Remember the aim of this isn't fat loss! It's recovery! So if you are a hard gainer, and find your losing weight, don't be afraid to drink carb drink during so your body is burning the fuel from that rather than fat or muscle tissue. #cardio #training #educational #youtube #martynford #gains #bloodysweattears

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Growing muscle and forced reps! If you want to grow big muscles, you got to move big weights, simple! But don't mistake moving big weights with doing so at all costs. You still need to be able to move the weight with good form. Going heavy and breaking your back in the process isn't very beneficial at all. A great advanced technique to use is forced reps for gaining muscle. A forced rep is when you perform 5-8 reps on your own and then have slight assistance from your training partner for another 2-3 reps. When you reach muscle failure on your own and you hit the forced reps after this fatigues more muscle fibres on top of what you have already fatigued stimulating more growth and muscle density. Just remember however, forced reps are used as a shock and should not be performed at every set or even every exercise. This will only weaken the effect of its use. Having a good spotter is essential! They need to know exactly how much extra to give you, not to lose the tension on the movement and to keep the movement speed throughout. Why not try these out at your next session of your aim is muscle build. #forced reps #martynford #betabodz #training #muscle

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He really seems set on not just achieving and sharing his own goals, but informing people on how to achieve theirs. If this is information you’d like to get more of, we suggest following him on Instagram, and realize first impressions can be deceiving. It’s understandable, though. Not many men of science look like Nightmare does.



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