12 Tips To Increase Your Squat

Squats are lifting royalty for curing chicken leg syndrome’ and building high-performance muscle mass. Squats develop total-body strength, stimulate tons of total body muscle growth, and improve athleticism. Yep, the squat reigns king among bang-for-your buck exercises.

Increase Strength

1. Bump up the weight. Incorporate more heavy Squats. Focus on singles with 90% 1RM.

2. Strengthen your Hips. These are some great exercises to focus on: Deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts, Box Squats, Power Cleans, Glute-Ham Raises, Pullthroughs etc

3. Strengthen your Upper Back. Barbell Rows, Pull-ups, Deadlifts, Rack Pulls, Power Cleans, Power Snatch, High Pulls, …


Improve Technique

Technique is king, without a solid technique progress will always be slow.

1. Keep the bar over your mid-foot. Straight vertical line over your balance point reduces movement and is the most effective way to Squat.

2. Really Squeeze the bar. Think white knuckles. Squeeze the bar as hard as you can when squatting so the bar doesn’t start moving around on your back and pull you forward.

3. Record your lifts. The mirror can only be used to assess your lifts from one angle. Tape yourself from the side, and check if you’re keeping the bar over your mid-foot when you Squat.

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Increase Speed

1. Speed Squats. Explosive power is key to increasing your lifts. Do several sets of doubles & triples at 70-80% intensity. Not lighter or you’ll spend more time decelerating rather than accelerating the bar.

2. Resistance Bands. Resistance bands will teach you to accelerate the bar. Attach bands to your bar & squat against the resistance.

3. Chains. Another accommodating resistance method. Chains also teach you to accelerate the bar.



Increase Power

1. Box Squats. Once again explosive power is key to increasing your lifts, Box Squats are a great exercise to develop power.

2 . Plyometrics. Depth Jumps are perfect to develop leg power.

3. Olympic Lifts. Power Cleans teach you to explode under the bar.

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