Get back on track after Christmas

Get back on track after Christmas

Make a list of goals:

1. Be specific: e.g. I will lose 3 kilos of body fat
2. Be Realistic: e.g. Are my goals realistic with work, time and other responsibilities?
3. Set yourself a time frame e.g. I will lose the 3 kilos of body fat in 4 weeks
4. Set challenges: e.g I will be able to complete a muscle up


Drink lots of water

Water is often overlooked as a useful tool to change our body shape for the better. Our bodies work in an aqueous solution so if we are dehydrated in any way we will be unable to train as hard, think as clearly, transport nutrients around the body or eliminate toxins and wastes as effectively.


Increase protein intake

Research has proven that a high protein diet is ideal for weight loss, increasing protein intake will also help you gain lean muscle and will keep you satisfied from each meal. A basic guideline to follow is to have 2-3 grams per kilo of bodyweight.


Make yourself accountable.

Tell everyone you know about your weight loss goals and strategies.  If you’re accountable to others you’re less likely to deviate from your plan. It is also important to get social, share your journey and progress through your social media accounts, this way you have a large group of people to stay accountable to.


Incorporate Supplements into your diet

Supplements are a great way to boost your performance and fast track your transformation. ASD Performance supplements are the best way to deliver essential nutrients to your body fast and effectively. You should use supplements first thing in the morning, after your workout and before bed.

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