3 Reasons You’re Not Shredded

Are you spending hours in the gym having carefully crafted the perfect workouts but still not seeing muscle definition? These three mistakes could be letting you down.

Your diet’s a mess.

It doesn’t matter how long you spend in the gym or how heavy you’re lifting if you’re eating rubbish you’re not going to see the results you want. A poor diet full of saturated fats and salty foods is going to cause bloating so no matter how many core exercises you do those abs aren’t going to be showing. You don’t have to cut out all of your favorite foods you just need to show some restraint and make sure to include plenty of lean protein, such as eggs, fish or chicken and veggies in your diet and your should start to see results. Limit unhealthy sugary or salty snacks to cheat days or a small portion a day.


You’re a cardio-phobe.

People in the gym tend to fall into one of two categories… Runners and Lifters. If you’re in the latter you need rethink your aversion to cardio. Don’t assume you need to run for miles on the treadmill or spend an hour on the bike, cardio is actually shown to be far more effective at fat loss when done for a shorter period of time at a quicker pace. Not only will you not lose muscle by doing cardio for a shorted period of time, it will help to shed that last pesky layer of fat that prevents you from seeing your hard-earned muscles.



You’re not resting enough.

Sure, in the pursuit to get a lean and chiseled body its tempting to overdo it on workouts thinking the more your workout the more muscular you’ll look, but there is such a thing as overtraining. If you’re not giving yourself adequate time to rest then your muscles wont be able to heal, recover and ultimately grow. Muscle growth is only able to occur when the rate of muscle protein synthesis, which is when your muscle fibers are replaced after working them, is faster than the muscle protein is broken down. This is why rest days are essential.




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